TOP 5 Best Thoptv Alternative App| 5 Best Thoptv Similar Apps

TOP 5 Best Thoptv Alternative App| 5 Best Thoptv Similar Apps

TOP 5 Best Thoptv Alternative App

ThopTv was a free mobile application. Which used to see much content for free, like the latest Movies, Web Series, Live TV channels, TV Shows. After ThopTv is Banned, ThopTv users are searching about ThopTv Alternative Apps. If you also want to know about ThopTv's alternative apps. So today we are going to talk about 5 Best ThopTv Alternative Apps.

The popularity of ThopTv Apps is bigger than the Indian Premier League in India. People used to use this application to watch IPL for free.

After the very popular app Thoptv was banned, some similar apps like ThopTv have also been banned. I am going to tell you the 5 Best Thoptv Similar App which works 100%.

5 Best ThopTv Alternative Apps

If we talk about ThopTv's alternative apps, then after ThopTv is banned, people want to download Thoptv's alternative apps. Let's know. 5 Best Thoptv Similar Apps in which you can watch Thoptv like Movies, Web Series, Live TV, for free.

1. ThopTv Pro

Thoptv Pro Application works exactly like ThopTv. And its user interface is like ThopTv. This is the Best ThopTv Alternative Apps. In this, you can watch Movies, Web Series, Live TV.

2. PikaShow

PikaShow is a very good ThopTv alternative app. On this, you can watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Live TV channels. And this app still works very well. It is a very simple app just like Thoptv.

3. HD Streamz

You can watch Live TV Channels on HD Streamz App. and listen to the radio. You cannot watch web series, movies on this app. In this, you get all the channels related to sports. which you can see. HD Streamz is also a ThopTv Similar app.

If you are not able to download HD Streamz App from the Download button. So open a new page in the browser and search HD Streamz, now download it from the website you see on the first or second number. The official site of HD Streamz is hdstreamz.app.

4. Red Box

Red Box is one of the best Thoptv Similar apps. On which you can watch live TV. TV channels from more than 20 countries are available on this app. On this, you can watch content in more than 10 languages.

5. Mobdro

Mobdro is also a very good ThopTv alternative app. On this, you can watch movies, web series, etc. for free. Or there is a Best Thoptv Similar App.

told by us. If the app is not able to watch your favorite TV channel, movies, web series from the apps. So you must tell by commenting.

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