Golden Dream HokYo Short Film Cast, Releasing date, Watch online


Golden Dream HokYo Short Film Cast, Releasing date, Watch online

Golden Dream is a Short film produced by the recently launched HokYo OTT Platform. Golden dream seems to be getting much fame as the cast and their performance is outstanding. Pallavi Roy is going to be the main attraction in this particular series.

Here's  Golden Dream  Short Film   Cast, Releasing date, Story

Story: The story of the series is very unique and this concept is new for any short film. The story is of a dream which is fulfilled at the cost of something. The dream in the series as the name suggests it is of getting gold and gold ornaments all over the body. The story revolves around a lady whose dream is to get many gold ornaments and for that, she has a weird plan. for making her dream come true she starts fooling the people and make them fall in love with her and take the money from them, Further how she manages this and what outcomes do she gets are shown.

Cast: Pallavi Roy, Mithun Debnath

Releasing Date: 18TH June 2021 is the releasing date of the sort Film.
Releasing on: HokYo is the releasing platform of the Short Film.                            

Genre: Drama. Lust, Romance Is the genre.

OTT Platform: HokYo is the OTT Platform of the Short Film.

Season:  season 1
Questions About  :
1) Who is the star cast of the Golden Dream Short Film?
Ans: Pallavi Roy, Mithun Debnath is the star cast of the short film.
2)Who is the actress in the Golden Dream series?
Ans: Pallavi Royis the actress playing the lead role in this Short Film.
3) How to watch a Golden Dream short film for free?
Ans: The Short Film is not free to watch it is available on the HokYo OTT Platform with a subscription.
4) Are there any adult scenes in the Golden Dream short film?
Ans: Yes there are such types of scenes in the Short Film.

Well, this was all about the upcoming Golden Dream Short Film produced by Hokyo. Hope you liked this article and find it interesting and informative. For more such articles stay tuned!!

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