Darling Marathi Movie download | Darling Movie Watch Online | Story| Cast| Releasing Date

Darling Marathi Movie download Mp4moviez | Darling Movie Watch Online | Story| Cast | Releasing Date

Darling Marath Movie Download

New Updates (3 Dec. 2021) - 

Darling is finally releasing in the theaters on 10th Dec 2021. The film was due to release in 2019. Recently the stars of the movie shared the new poster of the film on their social media handle, and the new date is 10th Dec. Actress Ritika shrotri shared the poster of the film in early Oct. on her official Instagram handle. and as the film release date is coming closer the cast and crew are doing the promotions. Recently on 2nd Dec, the cast was seen in Aurangabad city of Maharashtra performing in front of the audience for the promotional purpose. The cast shared all the videos of this performance on social media. so with that after a long wait, the movie is finally going to be out to the audience.  viewers can enjoy this rom-com Movie in their nearest theaters.       

Previous Updates-

Darling is a Marathi movie that was going to be released in 2021. Earlier in 2020, the makers of the darling movie announced that the film will be completed by the end of December 2020, and will be released in January 2021 on republic day that is 26 Jan. But due to the unusual crisis which the whole world is facing right now, the makers of  Darling have now decided to postpone the release date. They said that they are not going to release it commercially on OTT platforms and release it in theaters only, Further, they said many cinemas are open right now but not sufficient to release the movie that's why they will soon share the new releasing date with the audience.
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Darling Marathi Movie download
(Actress Ritika shrotri shared the new poster on her Instagram account)

Here's all about the new upcoming Darling Marathi movie, story, cast, releasing date

The trailer of the Darling movie was released back in 2020 on 21 December. It was released on the official youtube channel of Rajshri Marathi. The trailer gave a good vision to the audience about the story and how the film is going to be. According to the trailer, 26 January was the date for the release but further, it got changed.

Darling Marathi Movie download Mp4moviez
(Image source- Darling movie official trailer)
Here's the  Trailer by Rajshri Marathi-

According to the trailer:
The story of Darling is very unique, Story features 4 main lead characters and the whole plot of the story is based on all things that happen between them. Babali is the only and main female character shown in the movie. And other are 3 male characters which are Tushar, Adi, And a young rich boy (Whose name is not revealed in the trailer). The story revolves around the Babali, At the start, there's a dialogue where she tells her father to find a boy for her marriage which means she is willing to get married. Then there is the entry of Tushar and it seems that babali is in love with him but then the young rich boy enters the story and bablli shows that she loves him.  then Babli's family finds Adi for her marriage and she also shows that she is in love with him. And this is a mystery to watch that who she really loves in the film. In the climax, she seems to be guilty about her acts of fooling them and this will be interesting that how she solves all this.

Leading roles:
Prathamesh Parab (As Tushar), Ritika Shrotri (As Babli), Nikkhhil Chavaan (As rich boy), Mangesh Kadam (As Adi),
Supporting roles:
Aabha Velankar, Jaywant Wadkar, Amey Barve, Sunil Deo, Harsha Gupte, Umesh Bolake, Santosh Padmini Mane

Ritika Shrotri:
Ritika Shrotri is a young Marathi actress. She has done many films in the Marathi industry till now out of which some are Slam Book which is her biggest hit film, Boys, Boys 2, etc. She debuted her film career in Slam Book movie. Apart from this she also does theatre. She is also very active on social media like Instagram where she has over 226K Followers and she always keeps her followers updated.
Darling Marathi Movie download Mp4moviez
(Image source- Darling movie official trailer)

Prathamesh Parab:
Prathamesh is a young Marathi actor who has done work in many films in the Marathi language like Boys, Boys2, Timepass, Timepass2. Timepass was a very hit film by Prathamesh, The film is one of the top hits in the Marathi industry. Prathamesh is very active and popular on social media like Facebook and Instagram. 
Darling Marathi Movie download Mp4moviez
(Image source- Darling movie official trailer)

Nikkhhil Chavaan:
Nikhil is a Marathi actor. Nikhil started his career by doing theatre. He did his first Tv serial which was also a Marathi serial "Lagira Zal Ji" where he played a supporting charater. After that, he was featured in a digital web series "Striling Pulling". And now he is also doing work in the Marathi serial "Karbhari Laybhari". Nikhil is a very talented actor, he started in a side role and now he is doing film like Darling.
Darling Marathi Movie download Mp4moviez
(Image source- Darling movie official trailer)

All the cast members of Darling movie recently posted a post on their social media accounts related to the release of the Darling movie which said-
[How many days have you been waiting for our upcoming movie Darling? The overwhelming response you have given to the movie trailers, songs, and everything that is coming is very pleasing. After this unusual crisis, we are all recovering. We hoped that by January 26, 2021, all cinemas in Maharashtra would be running smoothly. But still many cinemas could not start due to many reasons. We are doing our best to make your film available to everyone in Maharashtra. Considering all these factors,
We are postponing Darling's pre-scheduled release on January 26, 2021, so that everyone can watch the movie. We hope this situation improves soon and we will meet at the cinema soon. Until then, be careful and

Keep on loving us like this.

Yours, Team Darling]

Darling tu song from the movie was released on Video Palace youtube channel on 12 Nov 2020. The song is sung by Ravindra Komne. And the song is super hit with total views 8 lack views.

Here's the official song released on the Video Palace youtube channel-

How to download Darling Marathi Movie

Darling Marathi's movie will soon be released in the theaters' viewers can enjoy the movie in the cinema hall only. After releasing the movie makers of the Darling movie might share the rights of the film with some OTT Platforms like Zee 5, Netflix, Amazon prime, Hotstart, etc. Viewers can easily view this movie on these different OTT Platforms if this movie at all gets published there. To watch this film on these platforms after they get released there audience will need to buy the plans of these platforms if they put this movie as premium.

Darling Movie on Mx Player
Mx Player is an online OTT Platform that gets the rights of the movie from makers and releases it on the Mx player website or app. If Darling movie Makers will give the rights to Mx player in the future viewers can watch it from there also. 

There are many other movies to watch on the Mx Player, which is a legal way to watch movies. 
some of them are-
Gadhavache lagna
Shamchi aai
Yaari Dosti 
Here's the link for the movie Click here 
(The link given above is for the Natsamrat movie and is legal )

All about Darling Marathi Movie

Movie name- Darling
Language- Marathi
Gener- Romance, Drama
Releasing Date- update soon..
Cast- Prathamesh Parab , Ritika Shrotri, Nikkhhil Chavaan , Mangesh Kadam ,
Produced By -Arundhati Dhupe,Amit Dhupe,Vandana Patke Thakur,Ajay Thakur,V. J. Shalaka,Nikhil V. Khajindar,Sameer Asha Patil
Written By -Sameer Asha Patil
Cinematographer -M Dhawal
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