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Charamsukh (Impotent) (ULLU Short film 2021)

Charamsukh Impotent ullu
(Image source- Offficial Ullu app)

Charamsukh Impotent is a upcoming ULLU produced short film. The short film is said to be released nearly around at the end of February 2021. ULLU has introduced a variety of Charamsukh  series uptill now, and Charamsukh Impotent is going to be the next romantic short film of this very successful series of short films. The short films produced by ULLU under Charamsukh title so far are, Charamsukh (Role play), Charamsukh (Sauda), Charamsukh (Pyass) Charamsukh (Telephone booth) and many more. 

Story: According to the news in this particular short film a story of married coupe is shown, where the couple is facing problem of impotency (not having kids). But story will take a new turn as wife will try to do some experiments in the marriage. And with this we leave our  viewers curious about how this experiment leads to changes in family, and the romance.

Cast: Main leading actress of this short film are Krithi and Nisha.

Releasing date: Coming soon in Feb.2021 

Releasing on: ULLU app (OTT Platform)

This was all about Charamsukh (Impotent) upcoming short film. 

ULLU may continue making more short films under Charamsukh in future.

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