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Nuefliks just released a new web series namely "CHITHI".Chithi is a regional local web series which is a Marathi web series. The web series consists of 3 episodes. All three episodes are in the Marathi language.

this is a romantic and adult web series,. The Series is very popular and hit amongst the public so far. All the episodes were released on the nuefliks OTT platform in the past few weeks. This series is produced by SK Films production.  And the series was recently released on 12 Jan. 2021 on Nuefliks official app.

Story: The story of Chithi is based on rural are social events. This is a story of a couple who are living in a village and they are happy with their life but they are facing money-related problems. And these problem leads to the affair of a rich man of their village and wife. So the story revolves around the rich man and his affairs. the whole story is very dramatic and contains romance. Overall  Chithi is a good mix of drama and fantasy genres. 


Ep.1- Leading cast of Chithi is VIBHUTI who is a Marathi actress, she has done work in marathi film industry.

Second episode features sayali deshpande 

and male actors of Chithi are -Chetan ,Abhijeet 


The Director of Chithi is Rajeev, He has done very incredible work in filming this web series.

Genres of this series 

Drama, Romance, Thriller 

Releasing date-12 January 2021

Released on- Nuefliks (OTT Platform)

Production: SK Films production, which currently produces mostly all the web series created by the Nufliks.

Trailer: If we talk in terms of the trailer of this series, the trailer was released on the official youtube channel of Nuefliks production "Nue Flicks" On 5 Jan. 2021. The trailer of this series was 1:20 sec long. The trailer starts with the introduction of a village. Where the husband from the couple (on which this series is fully based )  Is working with the Savkar of that village, later the couple is shown really happy and enjoying their life. But then a woman is introduced in the trailer who is a friend of that lady who is the wife of that first shown person. And the introduction of this women's character gives the story a whole different turn. The Savarkar is shown as a bad character. Savakar asks that women get the wife ready for being in a relationship with the Savka. But, the women deny it saying "she is a married woman and she can't do it with her" this is against her morals. But the Savkar is shown truly in love with the wife of that person, So he then convinces the second woman with the help of his money as he is a Savkar and very rich. The woman then falls for the money and gets ready for this plan. Women then tell the wife to get in a relationship with the Savkar. Married women deny this firstly, But then she becomes ready for this because of the jewelry offered by the Savkar. And she does what Savkar tells her to do and this ends the 1:20 sec long trailer.

Web Series Review: "CHITHI" web series has a good story that tells the audience about the widely-faced problem or an issue in the village areas. It focuses on the topic of how rich savkar tries to do accomplish whatever their wishes are with the help of their money. And how women get affected by this issue. "CHITHI" also puts some light on how trust matters in particular marriage and how one from couple eighter it be man or women should not break it. It is a very good mixture of romantic and lust stories with a side of making the audience aware of the trust in a relationship. 

         Viewers who like to watch romantic kind of stories with a good script and average dialogue may like this series. Overall CHITHI is a good series to watch full of romance. The only thing which is somewhat missing is that it's in the regional language if it could be in Hindi then a vast audience could have understood it properly.

Well, this was all about the Nuefiks Web series "CHITHI" stay tuned for more upcoming Web series related articles.

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